The Jubilee Hall

The Jubilee Hall is the largest of our rooms approximately 11.8 m long by 5.8 m wide.  It has the benefit of a bar area (hirers supply their own consumables) and a kitchen with cooker, hob, fridge and kettles.

We have 12 folding tables and a total of 52 folding chairs (across the whole hall) for your use and, of course, an electric vacuum cleaner for clearing up after your party or event.  The tables measure 76cm x 122.5cm (30″ x 48″).

Please check our Bookings pages for further information about booking this room as either a Regular Hirer for your regular events or as a Casual Hirer for parties or any other one off event.

Right-click on either one of the links below, then choose either “open in new window” or “open in new tab” to see if your preferred date and time is available….

  • The Schedule view to select a single room view.
  • The What’s On page to see what is on in both rooms of the hall at the same time.

Jubilee Hall

The Kitchen